Tips to buy OSRS gold with a credit card

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Welcome back to Tyler James comics. In our last article we touched on the recent trends in the comic scene and applicable interests. We noticed one of the main interest of today’s youth is video gaming. Today we are featuring a unique circumstance where these people have placed actual monetary value in virtual in game currency. One of the most popular MMO’s of the past decades has seen an emergence of a huge market for these in game gold and weapons. Players of the game Runescape have created an effective black market that has surpassed the economies of a few actual countries! Talk about interesting.

As an avid fan of comics and animation, I feel like understanding the similarities between artistic mediums is extremely important in understanding and appreciating the various art forms. The applicability of video games has become extremely apparent to the world of comics. Historical characters like the X-men and Superman have made cameos in many of the world’s most popular video games. This new emergence of a virtual economy can be compared to the extreme prices that people pay for rare and influential comic books. One example of this phenomena is the fact that there are players that are so interested and involved in their virtual characters that they spend significant portions of their paychecks on virtual gold and weapons!

Given this trend, I have decided to take a look in what truly motivates and interests these players. I decided to a little experiment where I went to one of the RS gold sites and pretended to be interested in placing an order. One of the first one’s that caught my eye was RSgoldstop – their site looks extremely sleek and they had the lowest price for osrs gold around. I was actually pretty shocked when I realized how much each unit in the game cost. I can see how one could spend their paycheck on purchasing the virtual gold. After I talked to live support, I decided I was going to play a small order to see what happens after payment. Once I checked out on Paypal and paid with my credit card, I was redirected to the site! The live agent that I had quickly told me that he needed to perform some verification to make sure I wasn’t using any sort of gaming vpn to mask my IP. I thought that was strange but they quickly explained that they are required to perform verification to protect against fraudulent payments.

It was actually very surprising because I’ve made way larger purchases and not have such strict verification measures. The website actually had a guide on how to buy runescape gold with credit card. After I performed the requested verification I was told to meet with them in game. I collected my rs gold and the rest was history! I was able to enjoy the fruits of hours of labor while only spending a fraction of my paycheck. This experience has truly made me realize how much the world has changed. In the past I would place value in various comic books and now can see the youth of today place value in virtual weapons and gold. A takeaway from this experience was that at least comics can be felt. That’s it for today and I hope you guys enjoyed the read. I’ll be back with more soon. Until then, farewell.

2018 Comics and the Landscape

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Welcome to my blog! I will be going over various news about comics and conventions here! If you are new, welcome. If you are a returning reader I appreciate the fact that you have stopped by. One thing I want to let you guys know, I’ll be at the MCM Comic Con. One of my latest projects has been in the gaming sphere. Nowadays I see a majority of the kids flocking towards online video games. I have a passion for comics so I want to make sure I can influence as many kids as possible to keep the art form alive. By attending these events I can meet various fans of these games and see if they are interested in expanding their knowledge. I usually go to these conventions and give kids various comics from my collections. This way I’m sure I can pass the passion that I once had to the new generation.

While I’m at these conventions sometimes it really impresses me with how far technology and latest animation progress has taken us. When I am an older guy in a flock of youngsters, some wearing extremely detailed and byzantine. It amazes constantly amazes me that what was once thought to be seemingly lifelike now can be replicated to a more accurate extent in cosplay costumes. One of the games that seems to have the most attention of kids these days appears to be League of Legends. This game was a direct adaptation from the popular game Dota 2. League of Legends gave rise to the new genre in video games where development studios strayed from hyper-realistic design to a more cartoony style of design. I honestly really like this change because it reminds me of the early days of comic books. By seeing the increasing prevalence of images that remind me of the golden days of comics I feel like this is a new community that I can engage myself with. While League of Legends consistently set viewing records for online streams and championed the popularity of E-sports, as all games eventually die we now see a new era of online multi player experiences.

While I’m at the conventions I can first hand see the rapid changes in preferences of the community. Just last year the vast majority of the cosplayers came in outfits that resembled characters from Dota 2 and League of Legends, but this year I’ve seen an increase in convention goers starting to dress up as characters from popular games like Fortnite and PUBG. The convergence of people mixing their interests from PC gaming to console gaming has produced a more cohesive community where all participants can share their love for animation, gaming, and lore. These days I really question the direction of comics in the near future. The growth rate of the viewers and participants in the comics community continues to decrease steadily. How can we as a community incorporate the art that we love into modern and popular culture? This is a very difficult question and the way that we address this issue will be how we sustain our user base. Unless we change the way we interact with the new generation I see the continued decline comic appreciation.


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